5 Great Office Sign Ideas

1.) Use contrasting metal finishes. Combining polished and satin finishes on brass, aluminum, or stainless steel is an elegant “high-end” look.

Covera uses contrasting metal finishes for an elegant presentation of their logo. The polished aluminum “swooshes” are mounted on a satin aluminum panel.


2.) Design your sign as multi-layer, with standoff mounts. Multi-layer signs mix and match materials, including glass, acrylic, and wood, with different imprinting options. This creates a depth and richness that a single-panel can’t match.

CMD is multi-layer with standoff mounts. The face panel of reverse sandblasted glass is mounted to the black glass back panel with stainless steel standoffs.


3.) Create the “Wow!” effect on a budget, with the look of metal for the price of plastic. Graphic vinyl films and plastic laminates look so much like real metal they fool the eye…and used in your signage, will cost you significantly less.

Occidental Petroleum, “OXY”, chose the look of metal for the price of plastic. The sign is fabricated from laser-cut vinyl-faced acrylic, in polished and satin aluminum finishes.


4.) Adding a graphic background to your signage is a sure way to liven it and create a more artistic look. Simple, non-distracting design elements work best to enhance, and not distract from, your message.

The humble Restroom sign doesn’t have to be dull. The Apollo Theater designed acrylic signs that meet ADA requirements, but include a graphic background that attracts the eye.


5.) Break oout of the box! Customize the shape of your sign for a unique and differentiated look. The shape of your sign can reinforce your logo design, or be used simply to add visual appeal.

By customizing the shape of their sign, Ipsos creates visual interest, and a dynamic look. The satin stainless steel panel is curved on one side to match the shape of the logo, which is screen printed on an inset panel.


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